About: Paul and Co.

Paul Center, hiking

My name is Paul Center, and I’m a young adult Catholic with charisms for music and performing arts. Growing up, my siblings and I loved listening to and watching musicals. We also share fond memories of performing in musicals. I had years of piano lessons, and picked up guitar and songwriting in high school. Through my college years, I also fronted a rock band.

I first became involved in musical-writing over 10 years ago when I joined a team that wrote and produced two fun fairytale musicals. I then took on team leader roles for the drama-comedy ‘Espresso Yourself’ (performed August 2016) and the Advent-centered ‘Hopes and Fears’ (performed December 2018).

The ‘Shattered’ writing team is: Dylan Vrazo (a musical veteran; he’s helped with every show), my sister Danielle (she’s been very involved through the years, and leads many creative events of her own), rounding out the roster are new team members Josh Ross (a super talented musician and worship leader) and Tom Abbott (a bright young fella, with theological studies under his belt). We also had lots of help from certain experts and willing listeners – we really appreciate these folks!

As Christians, we are called to evangelize by whatever means available. Inspired by Archbishop Vigneron’s Unleash The Gospel letter, we recognize musical theatre as a wonderul tool for evangelization. Faith-centered works can be a powerful experience for the faithful, and a “shallow entry point” for those who have never before encountered Christ.

The idea for writing ‘Shattered’ came about in March 2020, when I realized I was going to have more free time available. The life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola is an extremely touching story, and it’s one we think the whole world deserves to know. We’ve now spent TWO YEARS praying, studying, outlining, writing, workshopping, and re-writing ‘Shattered’. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we expect many hearts will be moved by this play (we know ours already have been!)

We’re so excited for an opportunity to have ‘Shattered’ performed. Thanks for reading and see you there!