Tell Me More About: The Play

‘Shattered‘ follows the life of Ignatius, an arrogant and reckless young Spanish soldier in the 16th century who will stop at nothing to win fame and glory. A foolish decision causes great injury to his legs in battle.

During recovery, Ignatius asks for his favorite types of books: contemporary adventure and romance. The only books available are about the saints and Jesus. Through them: Ignatius meets Jesus and develops a new set of dreams for his future. 

The path to sainthood is not without its challenges, and there are many old habits that Ignatius struggles to leave behind. His faith is filled with blunders and missteps…and a bit of music!

Despite all his life’s struggles and hardship, Ignatius learns to offer everything to God; for God’s love and grace is worth far more than anything the world could offer.

On his spiritual journey, Ignatius also meets Consuela and Sirena, a good spirit and evil spirit who are locked in a struggle to lead Ignatius to heaven or hell. These supporting female roles will be so much fun for whoever is cast in them!

Shattered is an original musical, written by a team of metro Detroit Catholic young adults over the last 2 years. Hilarious, heartbreaking and hopeful; it is meant for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Check out this sample of one of the songs! In it, Jesus appears to Ignatius one night. Ignatius is recovering from his injuries sustained at the battle of Pamplona. Jesus calls Ignatius to leave his former life behind, and follow him instead. Singer/ lyrics: Paul Center | Composer: Dylan Vrazo.